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Oven & Range Buying Guide – Signature Appliance Center

Ranges combine an oven and a cooktop into one single kitchen appliance allowing you to perform all your cooking functions in one place. These handy appliances are easy to install and are space efficient for small kitchens.

Whether you’re a gourmet know-it-all or a cookhouse novice, you’re going to want to find a range that best suits your lifestyle. Luckily, various styles, colors and cooking features are available to help narrow down your selection.

What to Look For


Ranges typically come in three styles: freestanding, slide-in and drop-in.

The freestanding range is not only the most common style, but it is also the most affordable. This style of range is finished on the front and sides making it easy to install. The burner and oven controls are usually located on the back panel, approximately 5 inches above the cooktop surface.

The slide-in range – with its unfinished back and sides – is typically designed to fit in between two cabinets and therefore perfect for a home with a kitchen island. Burner and oven controls are located on the front of the range.

The drop-in range is similar to the slide-in model however, the drop-in range sits on the top of the cabinet baseboard and does not have a bottom drawer Like the slide-in model, burner and over controls are located on the front of the range. A key advantage of this model is that it appears more ‘built-in’ or ‘customized’ than other models.

Power Source

There are three different types of ranges based on fuel: gas ranges, electric ranges and duel-fuel ranges. You can expect to spend between $300 and $2,000 on a range depending on its power source.

Experienced cooks prefer gas ranges although, you must have access to natural gas from your home to use one. Though the difference is minimal, utility bills for gas ovens tend to be lower than electric.

Electric ranges are good for baking and typically cook more evenly than gas ovens. These models often offer a highly efficient self-clean feature.

Duel-fuel ranges combine the best of both worlds. Duel-fuel allows you to take advantage of the best features of a gas range cooktop as well as and the best qualities of electric ovens. These models are often the most expensive.

Additional Features

There are several features you’re going to want to look for when buying a new range. Regardless of the style or fuel type, convenient features will make your cooking experience both efficient and pleasurable. Search for additional features that fit your lifestyle.

  • Sealed Burners – Attached directly to the cooktop, sealed burners contain spills and make for easy clean up.
  • Hot Surface Light– An indicator light to remind you when the elements are still hot.
  • Self or Manual Clean – Uses heat to burn off spills and splatters inside your oven. An automatic safety lock will prevent the door from being opened during the process.
  • Storage Drawer – save space in your cabinets by storing pots and pans beneath your oven in a built-in storage drawer.
  • Split Oven Racks – allows for flexibility when cooking multiple dishes at once. Split racks can be moved in and out of the oven, or adjusted to your convenience.
  • Double Ovens – Two separate oven compartments will allow you to simultaneously cook items that require different heat settings. This feature is great for someone who often finds him or herself hosting family dinners and holiday feasts.
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