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So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a new kitchen appliance. What convinced you? Did your old appliance break? Perhaps you realized it no longer suits your personality? Actually, why you decided to upgrade your kitchen appliance isn’t that important. What is important is finding the right one at the very best price.

You’ve probably realized already that the wholesale appliances buying process is fraught with potential problems. There’s the risk of overspending. There’s also the risk of buying something that you don’t truly love. Who knew that fridges could be so frightening and dishwashers so daunting?

There are no two ways about it: To make sure you buy the perfect appliance at a crazy wholesale price, you’ll need to arm yourself with the right information. At the Signature Appliance Center, we feel it’s our duty to assist you.

Buying Wholesale Appliances? Here are Some things to Watch For

When our customers come to us with the intention of buying wholesale appliances, we usually notice several obstacles that get in the way of them choosing the perfect appliance for them.

First, they’re confused. They don’t know which brands are the real deal and which brands are best avoided. They don’t know what specification suits them best. Sometimes, they don’t know what the difference is between certain types of refrigerator, oven, hood, stove, or dishwasher.

Second, we find our customers are often disheartened by the extortionate costs they’ve seen listed elsewhere. There’s a big difference between what a company says, and what it does. If you’ve been on the lookout for wholesale appliances (in Charleston or elsewhere in America), you’ll have noticed already that just because a retailer says they’re cheap, doesn’t mean they are cheap.

Finally, the third biggest customer concern we see is over logistics. Will the appliance suit the current layout of their kitchen? Who’s going to install it? These are all valid questions – ones you should be asking yourself, too.

At the Signature Appliance Center, we’ve learned there are ways to take the stress out of buying wholesale appliances. Keep reading to discover how.

The Easy Way to Buy Wholesale Appliances

When you’ve been around kitchens as long as we have, you develop a special knack for creating beautiful, functional cooking environments. You learn how to remove all of the stress from the kitchen-building experience, until all you have left is a smooth, effortless process that both you and your customers enjoy.

Before you look to purchase an item for your kitchen, we recommend you do two things to make the process as effective as possible:

  • Wholesale appliances come in all shapes and sizes, so think about what your actual needs are
  • Charleston is a fairly big place, so try to find a reputable retailer trained to deliver optimal results

If the second bullet point on that list means you choose to work with us when buying your appliances, great! If not, the advice is still relevant to you.

Once you know what you want and where to buy it, it’s important to budget. This might sound like common sense, but nothing ruins the enjoyment of a kitchen appliance quite like knowing you spent far too much on it.

Once you know what you want, where you’re going to buy it, and how much you’re going to spend on it, it’s time to shop.

Understanding the Different Types of Wholesale Appliances

Charleston is a food-loving city. Whether the folks here are cooking home favorites or American classics, they use their kitchens as much as anybody else in the United States.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people to need multiple appliances at wholesale prices. Some of these appliances are easier to shop for than others, as you’ll soon see. Some appliances are also more inspiring to shop for.


Hoods have their place in every functional kitchen. Despite this being the case though, they aren’t the most interesting item to shop for. This might be why some people overpay for theirs. The lack of willingness to shop around can, at times, cost such people hundreds of dollars. Other people make a similar mistake but on the opposite end of the spectrum. These people underpay for theirs, assuming every hood is more or less the same.

Hoods are responsible for keeping your kitchen smelling fresh. They also help keep the room cool. They aren’t all equal, unfortunately, which is why it’s advisable you don’t scrimp on yours. That being said, however, it’s still possible to buy a great hood at a great price.

Remember: yours needs to be calibrated to your stove and kitchen size to ensure it works optimally.


Shopping for ovens is a little more interesting. As you walk along the aisles of your chosen retailer, you can almost smell your favorite foods cooking away in the ovens that line it.

Picking the perfect often requires you to know what you want. How often do you plan to cook? How many people do you plan to cook for? Ovens come in all different shapes and sizes with an array of features that make cooking that much easier.

A large family, for example, may choose to opt for a double oven. A smaller family may choose to opt for something more humble. Knowing what you need prevents you from paying extra for features you just won’t use.


In every kitchen, right at the very heart of it, lies a stove. Perfect for heating up just about anything, the stove is the most versatile appliance in the kitchen.

At first glance, every stoves appear to be similar. Hot flames rise above the metallic pan-rester to warm up whatever sits inside the pan above. Stoves, however, are not equal, as you’ll find out when you sample a premium one.

Stoves come in a range of shapes and designs. More importantly, though, they come with a range of abilities. If you cook often, look for a stove with the capacity to cook and boil foods fast.


Dishwashers are luxury items. They make cleaning up quicker and less eventful.

As this particular appliance is a luxury item, you’ll want to make sure you buy a version of this product that is both easy-to-use and efficient.

Look for features that appeal to you. Such features might include quicker rinse times, larger shelf capacity, and easy loading.


Your refrigerator is something you’ll use all year round. You’ll use it not only for foods, but also for drinks, too. Multiple times every day, you and your family will open its doors and gaze inside looking for something tasty or refreshing.

The size and power of your perfect refrigerator will depend largely on how much produce you need to store inside it. Because of this, prices can vary significantly.

You might find, when looking to buy a fridge, that you can’t fit the one you want inside of your kitchen. Does that mean you can’t purchase it? Well, that depends…

Buying Your Wholesale Appliances from the Signature Appliance Center

When you buy your kitchen appliances at wholesale prices from the Signature Appliance Center, you get more than just a functional product. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you create the beautiful kitchen you desire.

Not only can you touch and familiarize yourself with a range of quality appliances in our Charleston store, but also receive expert advice on how to fit and install your new appliances.

We aim to take the stress out of buying. That means selling a range of reliable products at prices you can afford. It also means handling the logistic element for you, so that you get the kitchen you had your heart set on. We don’t believe in compromises.

Visit the Signature Appliance Center today to view our range of wholesale products. Find many of America’s favorite brands at truly unbeatable prices.

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